Beauty and Mental Health Go Hand-in-Hand

Feeling good about your appearance goes beyond just taking care of your diet, incorporating skincare routines, or undergoing aesthetic treatments. Beauty is not just about looks; it’s much more than that. Self-esteem care is essential to maintain not only our outer beauty but also our mental health.

According to a study by the International Society of Plastic Surgery, Brazil ranks 2nd in the world for performing aesthetic procedures, second only to the United States. Moreover, in 2019, the country saw a 390% increase in non-surgical aesthetic procedures.

These numbers reveal a growing demand for beauty and aesthetic services. But are people more concerned about:

  • the well-being of good self-esteem?
  • or just aesthetics and fitting into a beauty standard?

We live in a society where beauty standards dominate the media universe. TV, magazines, newspapers, and the internet promote perfect bodies… However, this further affects our self-esteem, especially when we don’t fit into this “standard.”

That’s why we need to understand that taking care of our skin and body should aim to make us feel good about our appearance.

Thus, beauty can go hand in hand with our mental health.

The hectic world, lack of care, and plummeting self-esteem…

We know that many people’s routines are increasingly busy:

  • Work
  • Kids
  • House chores
  • Grocery shopping
  • Dealing with personal problems…

Our daily struggles are numerous, causing many people to neglect their appearance. When you can feel good about it, that’s fine. But the problem starts when you can’t look in the mirror because you’re not happy with your appearance.

It’s important to understand that you need to start caring more about yourself!

One symptom of depression can be low self-esteem, which is a serious issue! Of course, this isn’t the only symptom associated with depressive disorder, so it’s essential to consult a professional to understand each case.

But can you understand how important it is to invest in self-esteem and your beauty?

Hold on! Let’s understand exactly how this relationship between beauty and mental health works.

Beauty and mental health: understanding this relationship!

It’s not easy, we know. Maintaining intact self-esteem, when scrolling through Instagram, you encounter various perfect bodies and others who fit into a “beauty standard,” seems impossible, right?

But the secret to starting to unite your beauty starts there: forget the standard. Your beauty is what matters most. Maybe it seems strange for a Clinic that performs beauty treatments to tell you to embrace your own beauty. But it’s not!

We believe in the individual beauty of each person. And that’s the key point to reconcile aesthetic care with mental health…

Taking care of yourself should never be an imposition but a genuine desire. You’re not obliged to like 100% of your appearance; we always find something that brings discomfort…

  • Dark circles
  • Double chin
  • Stubborn fat
  • Stretch marks
  • Cellulite…

And some people are happy that way! But if you’re not and feel you should seek a solution for that, there’s no problem.

Going after various aesthetic treatments won’t satisfy your desire to fit into a standard. On the contrary, the feeling of dissatisfaction and frustration is likely to increase.

The secret for seeking this solution to be healthy is precisely not to impose it as something you need to resolve to fit into any standard. Understand?

Don’t feel bad for wanting to see yourself better in the mirror’s reflection. That’s part of it!

However, accepting your beauty and individual characteristics is important for your mental health. Only then can you ensure that the realization of aesthetic and surgical treatments and the care of your appearance, in general, are done in a healthy way, maintaining care for your mental health.

The time calls for greater concern

If we contextualize with the moment we are going through, we need to reinforce that personal care needs to be doubled. Quarantine, pandemic, and home office are part of a reality that is affecting our mental health.

Anxiety and plummeting self-esteem are part of your routine? Then know that some care for your appearance can help improve this situation. Allocate moments in your routine to take care of yourself; this way, you’ll understand how important this relationship between beauty and mental health is (especially now).

So, how’s your beauty’s relationship with your mental health?

Now that you’ve discovered how important it is to feel good and embrace our beauty, it’s important to ask yourself: How’s the relationship between my beauty and my mental health?

Go to a mirror, look at yourself, seek to accept every detail of your appearance, understand that we’re all different, and each one has a unique beauty.

Does something bother you, and you want to change it? There’s no problem with that.

We understand that it’s a process of deconstruction. Take it easy, take care of yourself, your mind, and who you are. Your beauty is waiting for you, and every day is one step closer to finding it.

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With over 20 years of experience, I am a fifth-generation practitioner dedicated to revealing natural beauty and nurturing self-healing.
I embrace natural and holistic approaches to complement Western medicine, firmly believing in the transformative power of touch.

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