How To Love Yourself

🌿 Feeling good about your appearance goes far beyond taking care of food, ritual skincare, mourning routine, or performing aesthetic treatments. Beauty is not only appearance, it is much more than that. Self-esteem care is essential to maintain not only our external beauty but also our mental health.

The numbers reveal a growing search for beauty and aesthetic services, but are people more concerned about: * the well-being of good self-esteem? * Or just with the aesthetics and be inside a pattern of beauty?

We live in a society where beauty patterns dominate the media universe. TV, magazines, newspapers, and the internet disseminate perfect bodies … But this further affects our self-esteem, especially when we are not within this “standard.”

Keeping the self-esteem intact, when rolling Instagram feed you find several “perfect” bodies and other people who are within a beauty “pattern”, it seems impossible, right? But the secret to start joining your beauty begins there: Forget the pattern. Your beauty is the one that matters most.

Be calm, and seek to take care of yourself, your mind, and who you are. Your beauty is waiting for you and every day is one more step for you to find it

So, how is the relationship of your beauty with your mental health? Now that you have discovered how important it is to feel good and seek to accept our own beauty, it is important to ask yourself: how is the relationship of my beauty with my mental health? Go to a mirror, look at you, seek to accept every detail of your appearance, and understand that we are all different and each has a unique beauty. Something bothers you and you want to change? No problem at all. We understand that it is a deconstruction process.


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Anne Carol

With over 20 years of experience, I am a fifth-generation practitioner dedicated to revealing natural beauty and nurturing self-healing.
I embrace natural and holistic approaches to complement Western medicine, firmly believing in the transformative power of touch.

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