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Anne Caroline of Up Your Body Spa
Anne Carol Cervo

With 26 years of experience and representing the fifth generation in a lineage steeped in natural healing, I have inherited profound ancestral wisdom and extensive knowledge. My commitment is to enhance your natural beauty and foster self-healing. I embarked on my professional journey 15 years ago in Brazil, where I trained as an esthetician and massage therapist, and subsequently became a Holistic Health Practitioner and a Reiki Master. I am licensed as a Massage Therapist in both the US and Brazil and hold international certifications in Europe and Asia.

My specialization is in treatments of the Lymphatic System, having studied at Université Bruxelles under the mentorship of Albert Leduc, a pioneer in the field. In 2014, I developed my unique technique, the Sculpting Lymphatic Detox Massage, which evolved from years of working with clients and learning from numerous mentors globally. I am a firm believer in the transformative power of touch and advocate for integrating natural and holistic methods with Western medicine to promote comprehensive well-being.

I hold over 30 certifications, continually enriching my expertise through annual.
I personally train all my therapists and personally oversee each session, to ensure that each client receives close attention and guidance before every session. This approach guarantees the highest standards of quality and safety, ensuring that each treatment is perfectly tailored to meet individual needs.

Mage Morais
Mage Moraes

After moving from Brazil to the USA and becoming a mother, my calling to heal and support others through manual therapies profoundly deepened. This path, I believe, is my life’s purpose: guiding individuals towards greater well-being. My heart is filled with a passion for healing, which has driven me to explore a variety of massage techniques. I specialize in the gentle art of fire cupping, the soothing practice of manual lymphatic drainage, and other nurturing modalities.

My journey has been greatly enriched by my training with Anne, a dear friend and seasoned therapist. We have been working closely for some time, and under her focused and attentive guidance, I find that with each client, my understanding and skills deepen. Every day presents a new opportunity to learn more and absorb the wisdom Anne shares, enhancing my ability to unearth and foster the inner radiance of those I serve through the gentle touch of alternative therapies.

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